Level 5 HND Top-Up in Mechanical Engineering – Full Online Programme


This course is designed to top-up a Higher National Certificate (HNC) RQF qualification in Mechanical Engineering at Level 4 to a Higher National Diploma (HND) RQF qualification at Level 5.

A Higher National Diploma is a Level 5 qualification and represents the next level of study in Higher Education, building on the fundamental principles studied during an HNC. HND qualifications are highly-recognised both in academia and in industry, and facilitate opportunities for both career development and progression, as well as progression on to further study.

Note that this course is available as a top-up only. As a result, this qualification is only suitable for those who already have an HNC in Engineering, studied under the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), first introduced in 2017.

If you do not have an RQF HNC in Engineering, please refer to our HNC programmes listed here. Once you have achieved the HNC qualification, you will be eligible to apply for the HND top-up programme.

Mechanical Engineering HND Overview

An HND (Level 5) builds on the fundamental Engineering principles studied at HNC, and further develops knowledge and skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The HND top-up programme in Mechanical Engineering consists of a range of Level 5 units, designed to deepen the understanding of Mechanical Engineering principles acquired during the HNC, at Level 4. In addition, the HND programme will introduce a more challenging level of technical skills.

Like our HNC qualifications, this HND top-up course offers full Online Delivery and Assessment. This is a Distance Learning programme, but not in the traditional sense, as our content consists of video tutorials and interactive practice questions, carefully designed to help and guide you at each stage of your studies.

Studying by Distance can be challenging, so when you complete your HND top-up with us, this will be a real testament to your self-motivation, organisation skills and perseverance. These are additional transferable skills that are highly desirable in the Engineering sector.

Mechanical Engineering HND Top-Up Course Content

The Engineers Academy® BTEC HND Top-Up in Mechanical Engineering will supplement the 8 units that you will have already studied at HNC, by adding an additional 7 units. To view the specification provided by the awarding body for this qualification, click on the BTEC Edexcel image above.

Please note that the units listed below assume that you have completed your HNC with Engineers Academy®, or have completed a course made up of similar units with another provider. Though we endeavour to keep this unit combination the same for all applicants, it may be the case that if you have completed your HNC with a different provider, some units must be substituted, or some additional units may be required. The units listed below may also be subject to change.

L5 HND Units:

  • Unit 35 – Professional Engineering Management
  • Unit 39 – Further Mathematics
  • Unit 49 – Lean Manufacturing
  • Unit 36 – Advanced Mechanical Principles
  • Unit 38 – Further Thermodynamics
  • Unit 37 – Virtual Engineering
  • Unit 34 – Research Project

Additional Programme Study Requirements

You will be provided with full, unlimited access to the Engineers Academy Study Platform for the duration of your chosen HND course. In order to access the Study Platform, you will need an Internet connection and Internet access. In addition, you will need to have access to the following:

  • A scientific calculator (Casio FX83GT or equivalent)
  • A Laptop or Desktop Computer (for some activities a mobile device may not be sufficient)
  • Microsoft Office 365 / LibreOffice software (or equivalent)

Note: You may also be required to register for additional subject specific software, but wherever possible, we will recommend software that offers free trials and / or student licenses.


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